?What is Integrated Dentistry

Dentistry, like many other medical fields, has made unprecedented progress in the last decade and the wealth of knowledge has made being a specialist even in one discipline a daunting task. No longer can one practitioner provide state of the art treatment in all fields.

Complete dentistry can only be provided by an INTEGRATED dental team, working towards a common goal, your dental health. A number of group dental practices already exist in Israel, but only a handful can honestly claim to offer integrated dental treatments under one roof.

Our team

The secret of our practice's huge success is without a doubt our team. Not only are our specialists among the most highly regarded in Israel, but our hygienist and support staff are all experienced and dedicated to clinical excellence.

We are associated with the best laboratories in Israel and abroad, ensuring superior quality through all stages of your treatment. Our dedication to state of the art equipment, materials and treatment procedures produce results to be proud of.

:Meet the team

dental climic team- Dr_ Hilton
ד״ר הילטון קנגיסר

Principle Dentist – Dr Hilton Kangisser

Graduated from The University of The Witwatersrand Johannesburg South Africa in 1986. After making Aliya in the same year, instructed students at Tel Aviv Dental school in both Pre-clinical and clinical years and opened his private practice in Kfar Saba. As well as managing the Multidisciplinary dental practice, Dr Kangisser is also the Principal dentist of the practice, concentrating on cutting edge restorative dentistry and oral rehabilitation.

ד"ר עופר יערי – מומחה חניכיים

Periodontist (Gums) Dr Ofer Yaari (Specialist)

Received his Specialty as a Periodontal Specialist in 1994 From Tel Hashomer.
Headed the Periodontal Department of the Israeli Defense Force at Tel Hashomer Hospital.
Practices Periodontal treatment and Implant surgery.

ד"ר רונן הובר – מומחה לטיפולי שורש

Endodontist (Root Canal) Dr Ronen Huber (Specialist)

Received his dental degree in 1987 From Hebrew University Jerusalem.
And his Specialty as an Endodontist in 1996 From the Dental Faculty Hadassah Jerusalem.
Dr Huber is also a clinical instructor in Endodontics at Tel Aviv University.
And in his spare time, Restores vintage cars.

ד"ר גלית לביא שרים

Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr Nir Porat (Specialist)

Graduated from Tel Aviv Dental School. Practiced as a Dentist for over 20 years
Concentrating on Conservative Dentistry, Oral rehabilitation and Aesthetic dentistry For Adults and Children. Experienced in incorporating Mindfulness and Guided Imagery assisting patients to overcome dentophobia and cope more readerly with Dental Treatment.

בוגר ביה"ס לרפואת שיניים באוניברסיטת תל אביב. שירת 8 שנים בחיל הרפואה והשתחרר בדרגת סגן. בגור תכנית התמחות בכירוגיית פה ולסת במרכז הרפואה שיבא תל השומר. שימש שנתיים כרופא בכיר במחלקה לכירוגיה בתל השומר.

Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr Nir Porat (Specialist)

Graduated with His Dental Degree from Tel Aviv University
Served 8 years in the Medical Corp of The Israeli Defense force Medical Unit.
Graduated as a Specialist from Maxillo Facial Unit of Sheba Medical center at Tel Hashomer Hospital.

ד"ר טוני אמסטר-קרני – מומחית לרפואת משפחה

בוגרת בית הספר לרפואה של הטכניון בחיפה. עוסקת ברפואה אסתטית, לרבות בהזרקת בוטוקס ובמילוי קמטים. משמשת כמנהלת וכרופאת משפחה מומחית במרפאה אזורית של קופת חולים כללית, שזכתה מספר פעמים כמרפאה מצטיינת. בנוסף לכך, מנהלת מכון לרפואה אסתטית לשיפור נזקי העור ולתיקונם. דוגלת במתן יחס אישי וליווי צמוד לכל מטופל בכל שלבי הטיפול, ומקפידה להתעדכן בהתפתחויות בתחום האסתטיקה הפלסטית באמצעות השתתפות בכנסים מדעיים שונים.

ד"ר ברכה אנטופולסקי

רופאת שיניים במרפאתו של ד"ר הילטון קנגיסר.

ד"ר שי גורן- מומחה מיישור שיניים

Orthodontist Dr Shai Goren (Specialist)

Immediate past president of The Israel Orthodontic society.
Past head of dentistry in The Israeli defense force.
Member of dental Scientific committee, of the Israeli Dental association of The Hebrew University Hadasa Ein Kerem.
Graduate of the Specialist orthodontic program from Tel Hashomer
Published widely in professional journals Both in Israel and internationally.
Received a postgraduate degree In Health System Management, from The School of business management from Ben Gurion University.

הדר דוד – שיננית

Hadar David

Began her Dental career as a Dental Assistant in The Israeli Defense Force and went on to become an Instructor of the dental assistant course.
Qualified as a Hygienist from Ramat Gan College in 2013and works both in the private and public sectors.
Experienced as a Hygienist and Dental Assistant in Multidiscipline Dental Practices.
Places an emphasis on patience and tenderness creating a positive relaxing atmosphere for thorough, professional treatment.
In addition, provides Oral Hygiene Instruction, personalized to individual patients.

קרן בן דוד – שיננית

Karen Ben David - Hygienists

Gradated from The University of Tennessee for dental hygiene.
Worked in Missouri and Florida before making Aliya in 1985.
Works at Dr Hilton for over 30 years

Roma Rappaport

Graduated from The University of Western Australia in 1974.
Worked as a Dental Therapist in The United Kingdom for 6 years.
Made Aliya in 1995 and began working as a Hygienist in Tzur Yigal, Rannana, Pardesia and has worked At Dr. Hilton since 1998.
Roma specializes in professional Dental Hygiene and Oral Hygiene instruction in English, Hebrew and Yiddish.

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